Are you a feminist?

Paraphrasing Diane Lane the actress, she described her view of the social contract as this: just show up and bring your full participation in life, and expect to be treated fairly in return.  That’s pretty much a core definition of feminism.  Is not asking too much.

If you think you can’t even light a firework because you’re a female, then you are not a feminist.  If you accept being cheated, overlooked or disrespected because you are female, then you are not a feminist.


Free birth control

National news media says 50% of US births are covered by Medicaid.  Can this be right?  The interviewer questioned it too, but the source stood firm on the number.

If that is the case then we could give birth control away like candy at Halloween and still save billions of dollars (assuming that a lot of the poor couples who can’t afford medical coverage weren’t really intending to have babies).

Students for a Democratic Society

Vanity Fair just published an article with several famous women reminiscing about the year 1967.  Back then Students for a Democratic Society was a protest group on US college campuses.  One woman who was in the SDS remembers the women demanding to be treated equally by the men in the group, and getting shouted down by guys yelling things like “take her off the stage and fuck her!”.  (Similar to what the male Marines say about the female Marines today.)

The guys who yelled that stuff are probably still alive now.  How many other sick things have those guys done to oppress women in the years since?  How many men have said things like that behind my back because I insisted on doing what I want with my own life including working in a male dominated profession?


Watched TV last night… a Sam Kinison comedy show.  He’s got two chicks in g-strings as stage assistants.  They don’t have speaking parts, they just wiggle their butts.  He’s got a bit about not wanting to watch fat women work out on Richard Simmons’ video.  He does the whole thing without ever alluding to the fact that he is a hippo himself and ugly to boot.  He’s ranting on as if even a slob like him deserves only hot young chicks.  So I’m thinking well, this was shot in 1991.  Maybe that’s ancient history now.  Then the wrestling movie comes on with Mickey Rourke.  Strippers are everywhere and Marisa Tomei is in the nude.  What do women get for eye candy?  Rourke’s hideous mug.  Nothing has changed.

Now imagine a world where every movie has gratuitous nude hot guys, and all the main characters are dumpy ugly women.

The depressing part is how far from reality and how laughable that is.

Feminist Manifesto

The latest book by Adichie is called Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions. Haven’t read it yet but the synopsis looks interesting.  She’s angrier about sexism than she is about racism not because one is worse than the other, but because at least people acknowledge racism exists.  I can confirm that being asked to prove the existence of gender injustice is truly maddening after having lived under it for a lifetime.  A friend of mine who works at a Hollywood studio was in the audience at a human resources presentation where they proclaimed their commitment to diversity a few months ago.  One of the management men in the audience protested out loud, saying “what more do women want?”  My friend just looked at him and said “Everything”.  That says it all doesn’t it?

Women against women’s rights

It’s so weird and sickening to hear women speak against women’s rights.  Some woman got on the radio saying that there has been nothing wrong with the patriarchal society of yesteryear.  No ill effects.  None at all.  I could vomit hearing that.

No one should be limited as to what they can do and how they can live their lives just because of who they are.  If you choose to spend your life cooking and cleaning and washing clothes for 11 babies, then great but if you don’t want that, it shouldn’t be your fate.  Duh.

The Wall Theory

As promised, I am starting the abortion discussion on this blog, but only just starting it.  I will not be finishing it at this time.  I have a compromise that could settle the fight once and for all, but I don’t feel that now is the best time in history to offer it.

For now, I will adopt the approach that Republicans use when discussing immigration reform.  They say that we can’t talk about any of it until after the wall is up and the border is sealed.  Similarly when the issue of abortion comes up, I say that we can’t discuss it all all until after birth control is ubiquitously available to all who need it.